“Looking at the lights, dancing in the sky.”

Veaceslav Salaru

Painter, Sculptor and Airbrushing Artist

About me

I am Veaceslav Salaru – an artist with more than 35 years experience of in painting in numerous techniques, amongst which the sfumato technique of Leonardo da Vinci.  The sfumato techniques of the Old Masters implies working with up to 10-12 layers of transparent oil paint to achieve a realistic. Portraying the realism of the surrounding world on canvas is my infinite passion which I discovered at a very young age.

My artworks include portraits of people, still life, landscapes on both paper and canvas; sculptures and 3d paintings. I  also specialize in painting motorcycles and cars using airbrush techniques which is unlike using a brush or pencil since it requires special training and skills to achieve an outstanding result.

In the last 10 years, numerous paintings have been delivered worldwide in 21 countries to more than 400 customers delighted with the unique piece of artwork including custom portraits or personalized paintings and caricatures.

To me, art is a divine gift that I value and share with people to offer through its smiles and positive emotions. I am proud to be an appreciated artist both in Moldova where I am originally from, in Ireland where I currently reside and in other countries.


Art is something I have been passionate about since childhood. I consider it to be a talent rather than something I learned over the years. There were hours invested in painting and experimenting new techniques, styles and colour combinations but the results I am seeing now are highly worth it.

In Moldova- my home country  I could only afford to study one year at the National Arts College as this was an expensive course back then and also it was not seen as an actual full-time job that people could make a living from.
Over many years art was only a hobby, something I would dedicate a few hours hours a week after long days of working as a welder and car spray painter. Being encouraged by my wife and children I began painting works for sale. The admiration I was receiving from the customers inspired and motivated me, even more, to invest time in putting my talent on canvas.

In 2006 I moved to Dublin with my family and here I continued my activity as a welder but also as an art painter. In the last year I am focusing more on the artworks while still working part time in the other job. Here I had the chance to expose my paintings for the first time at the Art Source Exhibition in RDS where my works received many compliments.


ART Source Exhibition @RDS, Dublin, Ireland

Eleven Gallery @Sandyford, Ireland

Moldova Independence Day @Moldavian Embassy in Ireland

Proud Member of the following Artist Communities:

Proud member of Visual Artist Ireland – the Representative body for professional artistis in Ireland. VAI research has identified: Isolation, a Need for Support and a Need for Information as the three primary areas of concern for visual artists. 

VAI’s vision: We dare to dream of a time when visual artists will live in a world of opportunities. 

VAI’s mission: to create a trusted space where visual artists are valued and have access to supports and knowledge that supports and allows them to develop at all stages of their professional career. 

Please check my VAI profile here: Veaceslav Salaru Art – member of Visual Artists Ireland

Veaceslav Salaru - member of Visual Artists Ireland