What is PAINTccino?

– These are pop-up art workshops that offer individuals the opportunity to create their own painting on canvas, being guided through a step-by-step process by the artist Veaceslav Salaru;
– Enjoy a capuccino or other complimentary coffee drink during the art class;
– Experience in art is not a requirement. Feel free to be creative!
– Workshops for both beginners and experience artists are available upon request;
– Choice of a specific theme per workshop on a painting that you with to recreate;
– All equiment and art supplieds are provided (
stylish painter outfit: elegant beret and apron, easel stand, high-quality paints, paintbrushes, and a canvas);
– Duration – 2h;
– Art classes are available in English, Romanian, or Russian language.

When & Where is PAINTccino?

1. In a restaurant – There will be periodic workshops in several locations across Ireland. Follow this spaces to see updates regarding the upcoming venues;
At home – If you have a private event with a maximum of 10 people interested in the workshop, the artist will bring the PAINTccin experience to your home/venue for you to be creative with your friends as a group. 
At the workplace – a great team-building activity for the individuals in your organization. Have fun with your colleagues and learn different art painting techniques.

Meet the Artist

Veaceslav Salaru is an extraordinary talented painter, sculptor, and airbrushing artist with more than 35 years’ experience painting in numerous techniques. Amongst these techniques are oil & acrylic painting, pencil drawings, three-dimensional art and airbrushing. The predominant style in Veaceslav’s works is Caravaggio’s tenebrism or the sfumato technique dating back from the 16th century, inspired from Leonardo da Vinci. This implies working with up to 10-12 layers of transparent oil paint to achieve an authentic and realistic artwork. The artist exhibits an infinite passion for portraying the realism of the surrounding world on canvas, in sculptures or 3D paintings. In the last 10 years, Veaceslav’s paintings have been delivered worldwide in 21 countries to more than 400 customers delighted with the unique piece of artwork.

Every PAINTccino is different

The PAINTccino is a new project that creates the occasion to meet the Artist in person, be guided and inspired by him in taking the first steps into the visual art world. Since painting is an activity associated with tranquillity, calm over chaos and peace of mind, these workshops are a great opportunity to enjoy yourselves, be creative and original whether you decide to do this on your own or bring you friends along.